Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eye Creating

So finally got the MLP body down. Not totally sure if I am happy with it but it will do. Working on Fluttershy's eyes now. Eyes for me take a long time since I don't use a sewing machine. I trim each piece of felt to the image I sketch and then sew together by hand. I found that machine applique eyes didn't look right on yarn plushies. They stick out too much and look cheap if done that way. So I do felt. That way I can keep the personality of the character. Eyes take probably 2-3 hours but the result is really nice. Technically I could use glue but then if you give the toy to a kid they could yank those off easily. I tested the eyes with my 2 year old daughter and she can't yank them off :D



  1. Very useful, thank you, the eyes really do make a character

  2. Yup I will put up a better tutorial in a day or so. I took a ton of pictures while making Princess Cadence's eye. I needed to use over 6 layers of felt so I think it will give the best example