Commission and Design List

Commission and Design List
This is a list of upcoming projects for 
new designs, commissions and 
stock for conventions.
When I start a new plushie, there is a project page opened up on Ravelry. I post daily pictures there. The page is open to public so you don't need to be a member to see the page.
 Nerdy Knitter Project Page on Ravelry

Chikita OC- Medium Size- Completed

Chibi Nightmare Rarity- Completed

Chibi Pinkie Pie- Completed

Chibi Rarity- Completed

Chibi Doctor Whooves 1st Gen- Completed

Chibi Rainbow Dash- Completed

Chibi Doctor Whooves 10 Gen- Completed

Vinyl Scratch- Completed

Chibi Doctor Whooves 2nd Gen- Completed

NES Controller Purse- Completed

Chibi Doctor Whooves 3rd Gen- Completed

Chibi Sweetie Belle- Completed

Chibi Doctor Whooves 4th Gen- Completed

Chibi Scootaloo- Completed

Chibi Apple Bloom- Completed

 Zecora- Regular Size

Chibi Doctor Whooves 5th Gen

Chibi Princess Celestia

Chibi Doctor Whooves 6th Gen

Sylveon Pokemon

Chibi Doctor Whooves 7th Gen

Pokeball Set

Chibi Doctor Whooves 8th Gen

Nightmare Moon- In progress (Paused due to stress)
Chibi Doctor Whooves 9th Gen

Chibi Princess Cadence

Chibi Doctor Whooves 11th Gen

Chibi Princess Luna

Chibi Doctor Whooves 12th Gen

Chibi Princess Twilight


Squirtle Squad Leader with Gun and Glasses

Chibi Pikachu

8 Super Smash Bros. (Variety of Characters)

Commander Easy Glider (OC of Dusty Pony- Manliest Pony)

Calpain (OC for a friend)


  1. Button Mash *__* Or Spitfire *__*

  2. Can't wait to see the NES controller purse!

  3. Nightmare Moon - so the preordered villains package gets completed.