Commission Prices

Commission Price List

Question & Answer for Plushies

  To order a plush toy either go to my store via Etsy or request through DeviantArt.

1.  I do sell my patterns
2.  I am still making pony plushies for  Commissions
3.  I am currently open for commissions
4.  Please note me with questions about any other prices
5.  I never received a C and D from Hasbro
6.  I make OCs as well as MLP ponies
7.  My commissions start at $150 plus shipping for the mares.
8.  Shipping in the US is $14 and $30 for the alicorns, over seas is around $45 priority mail
9.  I am now making the fillies, they start at $120
10. I am now making stallions, they start at $150
11. Alicorns Start at $250.00, Celestia is $300.00, Chrysalis is $225.00, Luna is $225.00 and Nightmare Moon $250.00
12. My plushies are 12 inches tall and made of Acrylic Yarn, stallions are 13 inches. The alicorns are 20 inches tall.  Celestia is 23 inches tall
13. I buy my yarn from Joann's Fabrics, Walmart, Knit Picks and Michaels
14. Each plush takes about 3-4 days to make a basic pony
15. I do not take points or trades
16. I am constantly making new ponies and patterns so stay tuned.  
17. Chibi Ponies are $30.00, Chibi Princesses are $35.00.  
18. Discord is $495.95

Other Pricing
1. Regular Pokemon are $65.00
2. Average 10-12 inches
3. Legendary Pokemon are $125.00
4. I do sell my pokemon patterns

Anime + other characters
Pricing depends on the complexity of the project.
thank you


  1. Hello I was wondering if you've made a Discord plush yet? I am desperately trying to find one, and I love the way you make your other plushes. If you wouldn't mind emailing me a I would really super appreciate it like forever! Thank you!

    1. I am actually in the middle of designing Discord right now.

    2. I see that! I am so very, very excited to see him finished! I am OmegaDelight on deviantart btw, sorry I am unable to post as that on here. :)

  2. Yes Discord!!!!

  3. How long will the comissions be closed? I would like to buy one as a christmas gift :D

    1. Commissions are open actually. So if you are thinking about Christmas this is a good time to order.

  4. Is the Dr Whooves plush the same price as your regular stallions ?