Sunday, April 21, 2013

Princess Luna

Just started work on Princess Luna. Using Caron One Pound Cape Cod Blue for the body. I went through dozens of skeins of yarn..... Tried to match the perfect colors. Think what I will do is do majority of her in a series of deep blues. Even tho she looks almost purple blue in the show it didn't seem to look right in person.
I wanted some sparkle in her mane. Her mane in the show looks like a stary sky. I figured some of Vanna's Glamour yarn would work. With luck I had some skeins lying around that will work. I may untwine the blue a bit to make her hair look a bit more fluffy.

For her eyes I will do as I usually do and sketch them. After I finish Luna I will use the pony form to make Cadence and Celestia.

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  1. wawieeeeeeeeeeeee...............LUNAAAAAAAA-LIKESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!