Friday, May 3, 2013

Commission Pricing

9-12inch Pokemon $50.00 for a normal pokemon

complicated pokemon $75.00

15inch Legendary pokemon would be $100

Evolution series of 3 would be $135.00

My Little Pony
I do original creations as well I just need a very good image along with a view of the cutie mark.

12inch toy  $100

17inch toy  $150

Added accessories and clothing are optional but would be an increase in price. Manes and tails are customized to each character. So there will be no more yarn strand hair.

Other commissions
that will be a case by case basis

I am working on mostly My Little Pony creations because I have a convention I am getting ready for. I will be taking commissions at limited quantities until then but not until the end of next week would I start.

I do ship international I just would have to charge extra for it. I am shipping from Washington State, USA

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