Monday, July 8, 2013

Back Home from Con

Got home last night from Everfree NW! It was such an amazing experience. I got to meet Michelle Creber, Peter New and Andrea Libman. Had an awesome time going backstage and of course meeting all the awesome artists. This year went great even tho the power kept going out in the con lol. Equestria Daily's Calpain was awesome at making this an insanely awesome experience. He hooked me up with the voice talents managers making it possible to meet them. I gave Michelle Creber my Apple Bloom plushie and she loved it! Can't wait for next year, already getting ready for it so I don't sell out so fast. Planning on making tons of new ponies and  making back up stock of ones I have already done.


  1. great photos! I bought some patterns from you at the con. Have you been able to email them out yet? I'm starting to worry that I may have written my email address down illegibly.

    1. hmm Yea maybe it didn't go through. Can you send me an email to

  2. Hi Ashley

    I love ALL your ponies !! Any chance you will be write the patterns up for knitters ?