Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Preorder- Chibi Mane 6 Pattern Pack

Buy Now for $13.95
Chibi Mane 6 pack will have patterns for the following
  1. Fluttershy
  2. Applejack
  3. Twilight Sparkle
  4. Rainbow Dash
  5. Pinkie Pie
  6. Rarity
Preorder includes
  1. Receive a copy as each individual pattern is released
  2. Receive the finished ebook as soon as it is released
  3. Buying as a preorder means you get the package discount upfront.
Basic crochet knowledge is needed, as well as familiarity with making a magic ring, crocheting in rounds, increasing, and decreasing. The pattern is easy to follow and I welcome any questions and comments! I am here to help make it as easy as possible for you to complete your toy. (>^.^)>
Just type into the notes which method you would like your patterns to be received.
Your questions are welcome!

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