Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twilight Sparkle Progress

I was going to make Pinkie Pie but ran out of pink. So....instead I am working on Twilight Sparkle. I was going to save her for last but had to get right colors of course.

As always I sell the patterns off my toys and allow people to sell toys made by my patterns.

So far I am using Red Heart Yarn-Orchid for the body

The tail is done in Caron One Pound- Cape Cod Blue
Red Heart Yarn- Amethyst
Red Heart Yarn with Love- Bubble Gum

Project Page

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  1. Looking lovely so far! I also like how her head seems to be held higher than on the Fluttershy and Rarity, but maybe that's because she doesn't have her mane yet. Can't wait to see the finished project!