Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunset Shimmer signed by Rebecca Shoichet

Well it was a crazy weekend but finally back home from Everfree Northwest. Had alot of fun and met some fantastic artists.

Met Rebecca Shoichet the voice of Sunset Shimmer and singing voice of Twilight Sparkle.

She purchased my Sunset Shimmer plush and signed it.

She then donated her to the Seattle Children's Hospital Charity Auction where she was sold for $1000!

Of course I got to chat up with Calpain from Equestria Daily again. Later this month I'll be making a Calpain commissioned plush for him because of all the amazing help he was this year.

Hubby and Me got to meet Heather Nuhfer one of the MLP Comic Book writers.
Met Cathy Weseluck voice of Spike the Dragon. She of course autographed some felt for me so I could sew on a signature patch to my spike plush.
Lastly got to meet some fantastic artists like Neil and Steven from DrawPonies, Marie from EquestriaPlush, Virginia Paton from Marachi Studios.

 Now to take a rest before I get back at it :D

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